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Construction Injury

What is Construction Injury?

A construction injury refers to any physical harm or injury that occurs on a construction site or as a result of construction-related activities. Construction sites are known for their inherent risks and hazards due to the presence of heavy machinery, tools, elevated surfaces, and ongoing construction activities. Construction injuries can happen to workers, contractors, visitors, or bystanders who are present in or around the construction site.

Construction injuries can have severe consequences, including physical pain, medical expenses, lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, and emotional distress. In New York State, construction workers are protected by specific safety regulations. They may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and provide wage replacement in case of injury.

Prevention of construction injuries is a shared responsibility among employers, contractors, supervisors, and workers. Implementing and following proper safety protocols, providing adequate training, maintaining equipment and machinery, and conducting regular safety inspections are essential in mitigating construction-related risks and ensuring a safe working environment.

Examples of Construction-related Injury

  1. Falls: Falls from heights, such as scaffolding, ladders, or rooftops, are a leading cause of construction injuries. These falls can result in fractures, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even fatalities.
    2. Struck by objects: Construction sites involve the use of heavy equipment, tools, and materials, which can lead to workers being struck by falling objects like tools, debris, or building materials. These incidents can cause head injuries, lacerations, fractures, or internal injuries.
    3. Machinery accidents: Construction workers operate various types of machinery and equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, excavators, or power tools. Accidents involving machinery can result in crush injuries, amputations, or severe trauma.
    4. Electrocution: Construction sites often have exposed electrical wiring or unfinished electrical systems, increasing the risk of electrocution if proper safety measures are not followed. Electrocution can cause burns, cardiac arrest, neurological damage, or death.
    5. Trench collapses: Workers involved in excavation or trenching activities are at risk of trench collapses, which can lead to burial, suffocation, or crush injuries.
    6. Chemical exposure: Construction sites may involve the use of hazardous substances like asbestos, lead-based paints, solvents, or toxic gases. Improper handling or inadequate protective measures can result in chemical burns, respiratory problems, or long-term health issues.
    7. Repetitive motion injuries: Construction tasks that involve repetitive motions, such as hammering, drilling, or lifting heavy objects, can lead to musculoskeletal disorders like tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or back injuries.
    8. Heat-related illnesses: Construction work often takes place in outdoor environments, where workers are exposed to extreme heat and weather conditions. Prolonged exposure can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or dehydration.

If You Are Injured

For those that work for the construction company, complete a work injury report, and then get checked out by a medical professional who will also make a report. if you have to pursue legal action these are paramount to have.  If you’re a pedestrian who gets injured to carelessness or recklessness by workers — i.e. struck falling materials, trip over materials left on the sidewalk, or uncovered grats or holes, go immediately to a medical facility to get checked out and have a report filed.  

What is The Role of an Area Attorney?

When handling construction-related cases, the legal firm will provide legal advice, guidance, and support to the client, handle all legal filings, and negotiations, keep them informed about the progress of the case, and address any concerns or questions that may arise.

It’s important to note that the specific steps and strategies can vary depending on the nature of the case, and the applicable laws and regulations, however, below is a list of services included in a legal case. It is advisable for individuals seeking legal representation for construction-related cases to consult with an experienced attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation or personal injury law to receive personalized guidance.

Our Working Process

1. Planning The Case

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, and if it meets the criteria, we’ll begin planning, strategizing, and preparing the case. 

2. Evaluate Situation

Once the case is prepared A.H. Law will file it in the necessary venues, and begin discussions with the appropriate representatives to attempt a quick resolution.  

3. File The Case To The Court

In many instances, companies will settle a claim without the need to defend themselves in court.  But if they don’t, then the law firm will argue the case in court, and handle any and all post-court actions. 

Questions You May Wonder?

There are some questions we hear continually, so we’ve provided quick answers to the most common below 

Do I have to pay out-of-pocket fees?

No, as an injury law firm we work on contingency, which means, you pay nothing until we win your case.

Who will work on my case?

You will be assigned an attorney that specializes in the type of injury case related to yours. 

Does it matter how long I wait to file a lawsuit?

Yes, different claims have different "statute of limitations", though in New York State the statute for most types of injury claims is three (3) years. 

How much can I expect to win?

We get asked this a lot, but unfortunately every case if differnt, not only by its circumstancees, but also whether it is a judge or jury trial, the extend of the damage, and the strength of the evidence.  

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